The Silver Linings Group Marketing Team featuring Danielle Radulski, Maggie Hayes, and Gillian Shieh.


The Silver Linings Group is a driven, dedicated and close-knit team that is here to to make a difference for YOUR brand. With a focus on Strategic & Mindful Marketing - we help our clients reach potential customers while always remaining true to who they are.

While this is ALL true… we wanted to paint a more vivid (and real) picture for you…

Danielle founded the Silver Linings Group (SLG for short) in 2016 after seeing a need for businesses to be accurately represented by outside sources. Many of her friends were shelling out big bucks for social media services that they weren’t happy with. Not only were they not seeing a return on their investment - but they weren’t getting represented in the correct way, or in a way that felt true to who they were.

This, combined with the fact that Danielle is (and was) extremely passionate and invested in the health and wellness space, led to the creation of The Silver Linings Group. What started as a few clients and friends of friends, has turned into 20+ amazing clients from all walks of life, multiple social media managers all over the US, talented graphic designers and various other dedicated individuals around the globe.

Don’t get it twisted - we write 90% of our e-mails from yoga pants, take conference calls in sweats, on the couch, likely cuddled up with some kind of 4-legged child — but we love what we do, and we’re driven, dedicated and relentless when it comes to marketing your business and helping you become as successful as humanly possible.

But wait, that’s not all…

Being an entrepreneur herself, Danielle didn’t want to just be a resource available for hire for businesses. She also wanted to be a resource for:

  • Entrepreneurs - those looking to start their OWN business and chase their dream. In case you haven’t heard this lately… there is MORE than enough space for ALL of us at the table.

  • Existing businesses interested in growing their business who may not have the budget just yet to pay for outside services

Danielle and her team work with entrepreneurs all over the world to help them turn their dreams and vision into reality. From consultations to strategic planning to blog resources - we want to help YOU do something that sets your soul on fire every day.

If you were looking for the more typical “About Us” where we try to sell you on our services - keep reading below & check out the Services page 😜 The purpose of this page is to really give you a feel for WHO we are, and WHY we do what we do.


We’re a combination of creative and analytical. We think outside the box - but still hit goals, targets and strive to bring you the best ROI possible. We’re always learning and know that the digital space changes every hour (or more), so adjust our strategy accordingly. We stay true to you and your brand, but aren’t afraid to try new things. We believe there is way more than one way to do things, and we aren’t afraid to try them.

We tell it like it is - and believe in transparency above all. So much time gets wasted not being honest, and time is both our money, and yours. We’re easy to talk to, to get in touch with, and believe in making your life easier.

We don't just "work" in the wellness, lifestyle and retail space; we eat, sleep, and breathe it. We’re easy to talk to because we GET you and your brand. We take time to get to know you and your values - so that we can create a community that also knows you, and your values. To put it simply - we’re passionate about your WHY.


The Silver Linings Group Digital Marketing Danielle Radulski Founder Headshot


Danielle Radulski is the founder of The Silver Linings Group and has almost 10 years of experience in the Marketing Industry.

Danielle and her agency specialize in bringing marketing techniques and strategies to B2C brands, individuals and entrepreneurs. From social media management services to search engine optimization (SEO) to e-mail marketing - The Silver Linings Group offers not only guidance, but also implementation of marketing work from the ground up.

Clients working with The Silver Linings Group gain valuable industry insight by leveraging the power of Danielle and her team’s knowledge of the consumer space - specializing in brands and individuals that focus on health, wellness, fashion, lifestyle and more.

Danielle’s goal in founding The Silver Linings Group was to bring real, authentic and effective marketing expertise and services to retailers, brick and mortar stores and individuals looking to grow their own businesses.

Outside of digital marketing - Danielle is a fur mom, yoga teacher and wannabe chef. On (almost) any given evening you will likely find her in her kitchen, with her fur-baby staring at her while she listens to music, drinks a full-bodied glass of red 🍷 and attempts to create something magical in the kitchen.

The Silver Linings Group Social Media Manager, Maggie Hayes

MAGGIE HAYES - Social Media Management Maven

Maggie is a marketing professional, yoga teacher and advocate for all things wellness. After nearly a decade working in PR and communications in New York City, she has taken her experience to the next level and combined it with passion - yoga, both on and off the mat, and spreading intentional messages from clients to a wellness community that is growing every single day.

Maggie focuses on using social media to expand the reach of clients, establish authentic connections with their audience, and promote products and services. Through a very hands-on approach, she works to discover and then amplify what makes each client unique, creating a sustainable community around each brand.

In a space that is always changing, Maggie stays up to date on the latest social media trends and strategies to ensure each platform is most effectively utilized.

The Silver Linings Group  Social Media Management, Newsletter Design, & Website Design , Gillian Shieh

GILLIAN SHIEH - Social Media Management, Newsletter Design, & Website Design

Gillian is a marketing professional who specializes in social media management for B2C brands within the wellness, lifestyle and non-profit space.

She loves connecting businesses with their audiences in an authentic way and is also passionate about creating functional and aesthetically pleasing website and newsletter designs.

Headshot of Stephanie Duke—graphic designer for The Silver Linings Group

STEPHANIE DUKE - Graphic Design, Logo Design, & Branding

Stephanie is a graphic designer specializing in branding, toxin-free living enthusiast, and organic gardener. She originally went to school for animation, but found a love for design instead. Helping other entrepreneurs up-level their brand to create their own opportunities through design has become her true passion.